Film Lighting Australia

Film & Video Lighting

Power, Distribution, Cable Protectors, Testing & Tagging
Supplying power to film productions, photographic shoots, Events and emergency power applications
Film Silenced 100kva Truck Mounted 3 phase generator
Film Silenced 30kva Trailer Mounted 3 phase generator
Portable Generators
Honda 7kw Sine Wave Generators
Honda 3kw Sine Wave Generators
Cable & Distribution
Powerlock 150 Amp 3 Phase Cable
63 Amp Single Phase Cable
50 Amp 3 Phase Cable
32 Amp 3 Phase Cable
20 Amp 3 Phase Cable
20 Amp Single Phase Cable
15 Amp Single Phase Cable
10 Amp Single Phase Cable
150 Amp 3 Phase Distribution Board
50 Amp 3 Phase Distribution Board
32 Amp 3 Phase Distribution Board
Cable Protectors
5 Channel Cable Protectors
2 Channel Cable Protectors
Rubber Matting
Bollards & Signage
Testing & Tagging
Have your appliances and cables kept up to date with our testing & tagging

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