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Welcome to Film Lighting Australia. We are a Sydney based Film and Video Lighting Company that Services Australia.

We provide everything you need in terms of Gaffers, Film Lighting Equipment, Video Lighting, Tv Packages, Studio Lighting, LED Lighting and Continuous Lighting, as well as Generators and Film Crew.

We supply Feature Films, Television Drama, Television Commercials, Online Content, Music Videos, Corporate Video, Photographic Shoots and Documentaries. Anything you want to film we will have a light for it. On staff we have Gaffers, Best Boys and Lighting Assistants, quality film crew for hire. We welcome visiting productions and look forward to providing you with local know how.

Our approach is to assess the lighting needs and aspirations of your production and deliver on it. We are committed to working with your production team, cinematographers, camera team and directors to create images that are special. Lighting creatively is something we strive for, with broad feature film and television commercial experience, we will keep you and your talent looking their best by offering best practice solutions and service.

Our equipment is constantly updated and is well maintained, We carry the latest LED Lighting Technology, Arri Lights, HMI Lights, Tungsten Lights, Kino Flo Lights, Balloon Lights, all forms of continuous lighting as well as dimmer racks and power distribution. We have Film Silenced Generators.

Select your own vehicle and package. We carry our equipment in Large Trucks and Large Vans for bigger productions, through to Mid and Small vans. We are nimble and flexible and can move equipment and man power in and out of city locations and across Australia rapidly.

We also offer payment by account or for your convenience Paypal.

* In These Challenging Times, Film Lighting Australia Follows Strict COVID 19 Protocols


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We are Affordable and Reliable. Ask us About Discounts for Independent Films, Reality TV, Content, Pilots, Music Video and Student Productions

电影照明租用澳大利亚 Diànyǐng zhàomíng zūyòng àodàlìyǎ
필름 라이팅 호주 고용 pilleum laiting hoju goyong
フィルム照明のレンタルオーストラリアFirumu shōmei no rentaruōsutoraria

Services We Provide

Film Lighting, Video Lighting Kits, Film Lighting Hire, Studio Lighting, TVC Lighting, Continuous Lighting, Commercial Lighting, Content Lighting, Photographic Lighting, Stage Lighting, Theatre Lighting, Gaffers, Best Boys, Lighting Assistants, Lighting Directors, Lighting Design, Lighting Crew, Film Lighting Trucks, Film Lighting Vans and Van Packages, Truck Logistics, Film Crew for Hire, Product Photography Lighting, Tagging and Testing, Generator Hire, Truss and Rigs, Emergency Lighting, Emergency Power, Architectural Lighting, LED Lighting, HMI Lighting, Tungsten Lighting, Lighting CAD Drawings, Portable LED Kits for Location Shoots, Portable Interview Lighting Kits with V Lock Batteries, Travel and Location Lighting

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A gaffer in the motion picture industry and on a television crew is the head electrician, responsible for the execution (and sometimes the design) of the lighting plan for a production. The term gaffer originally related to the moving of overhead equipment to control lighting levels using a gaff. The gaffer's assistant is the best boy.[1]