Lighting Kits for Content & Independent Productions

Standard Small Van Package
'Great for Carparks, Content and Independent Productions'
Mercedes LB 100 - AO 57 GV

Lighting Technician, 1.8kw Par HMI, 200w Par HMI, Kino Flo Celeb 200 LED,
2 x 1x1 LitePanel LED, Kino Flo Image 80, 2 x 4ft 4 bank Kino Flo,
2 x 4ft 1 bank Kino Flo, Kino Flo Diva Light, 2 x 650w Fresnels, 2 x Dedo Lights,
8 x 8 Silk and Ultrabounce Textiles, 6 x 6 Silk and Ultrabounce Textiles
Set of 4ft Diffusion Frames - 251, 250, 216,
Set of 4ft Black Floppies, Set of Cutters, Set of 4ft Poly Bounce - Silver & White, Umbrellas,
087 Stands, 069 Stands, 8 x C Stands, 20 x 10 Amp Cables, Rigging Equipment,
Assorted Cut Gels, Ladder, Shot Bags, 2 x Dimmers

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Package Deal for $1275 inc Gaffer and all equipment

Van and Free Onset Equipment on your job for only $200
Pay for only what you use!
*onset equipment includes all stands, 4 x 4 frames, bounce boards and floppies. Cutters
10 & 20 amp leads, all rigging gear, ladders and cut gels

Best Rate in Sydney!
find a better rate and we will beat it, guaranteed!

frequent add ons;

LED LiteMat $80
1.2kw HMI $250
Arri S60 SkyPanel $300
Honda 3kw Generator $250

Weekly Packages for Equipment & Van Start at $2550
* wages as per meaa

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DIY Hire

2 x 4ft 4 bank kino Flo - Daylight or Tungsten with Stands and Leads
2 x 1kw Fresnels with Stands and Leads
2 x 1 x 1 LED + Battery Kit with Stands and Leads
Silver White Poly Reflector
2 x Black Cutters
2 x C Stands
Blue Gels and Diffusions

$300 per day

or keep it for the whole weekend @$300

frequent add ons;

LED LiteMat $80
1.2kw HMI $250
Arri S60 SkyPanel $300
Honda 3kw Generator $250
6 x 6 Diffusion or Bounce $60
8 x 8 Diffusion or Bounce $75
4 x 4 Diffusion Frames $20
4 x 4 Black Floppies $20


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